Detention Reflections


Please respond in complete sentences.Please write in paragraph form.Type this in a word processor.

Write a minimum of ≠≠≠____________ words that discuss the following topics as related to your strikes.


This reflection is due on ___________________________ by midnight.Please upload to School Fusion in the correct Drop Box.


If I donít receive this by the date above, you will need to double the number of words in your essay reflection.I do not want to remind you to complete this.Please complete this assignment without my assistance.


Consider exactly what is going on in class to cause the strikes.

Consider why this is happening.

Consider how it is affecting your performance.

Consider how it is affecting others in class to include students and me and in your own life to include your family.

Determine what you plan on doing to correct the situation.


In general, just talk to me about what is going on to cause this situation. I want to help you fix it.