Mrs. Dowling's Behavior and Work Habits

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By the time students get to high school, they have had quite a bit of school experience, and they know how to behave in a classroom situation. They should have developed the ability to self-monitor and control their actions to a large extent, and they will be expected to do so in my class.

Therefore, there are only four rules in Mrs. Dowling's class. They are easy to remember, and I expect all to think about the actions and consequences before proceeding.

The class rules are:

  1. Be Polite
  2. Be Prepared
  3. Be Positive
  4. Be Punctual

ALWAYS ask yourself, "Is what I am about to do appropriate?"

Here are some examples of ways you can be appropriate in class.
  • Follow all directions.
  • Keep hands, feet and objects to self.
  • No swearing or teasing.
  • Show appropriate behavior for the current class setting.

Rules for Substitute Teacher Days

What are the different settings in our classroom?

    • eyes front
    • listen to the speaker
    • stay in seat
    • no talking
    • raise hand to ask for help
    • stay in seat unless given permission
    • work on your own
    • no talking
    • eyes on own paper
    • raise hand if you have a question
    • no talking
    • stay seated
    • talk in
    • stay in group unless you are on a task-related mission
    • stay on task
    • follow directions
    • move to destination as quickly and quietly as possible
    • get prepared in the
      of time without distracting others


I record strikes on my clipboard during class, and I will let you know that you have received one. It is your responsibility to keep track of your strikes. These strikes are transferred to the gradebook over the weekend. I send out e-mails over the weekend to let your parents know if you received a strike during the previous week and how many strikes you have accumulated during the term. These strikes accumulate for an entire term. At the beginning of a new term, each student starts with a clean slate.

There are four phrases that I hear too often in classes. I don't like them, and I don't allow them. They aren't necessarily "bad" or foul language, and, true, we hear them on the T.V. all the time, but for a lot of students, they have become habit.

Nevertheless, the habit stops here! Please do not say the following phrases in class.

Each time a rule is broken, a strike will be issued. The consequences for breaking rules are located in your agendas. Get to know them. For a large majority of them the following applies: One strike=WARNING-Don't misbehave again. Two strikes=PHONE CALL/E-MAIL HOME Three strikes=Behavior Reflection Assignment

Behavior reflections assignments are due within two days of being given. If the student fails to turn in the reflection,I will write the referral to administration.

A "U" in conduct will contribute to the suspension of all school activities including sports and functions.

Work Habits

Students are expected to be prepared and ready for class each day. When a student forgets something or has no supplies, class time must be taken to find the things the student doesn't have. It just gets annoying when the same student is unprepared every day. The same method of strikes is used to record work habit infractions. Each time a student is unprepared, a strike will be recorded. The work habit strikes are recorded separately from the behavior strikes.

What are common reasons for getting a work habits strike?


One strike=Don't forget supplies again. Two strikes=PHONE CALL/E-MAIL HOME Three strikes=Additional Phone calls/E-mails Home

Late work receives 10 points off for each unexcused day for a maximum of 50 points off for a week late. After that, I will mark it as late in the gradebook, but it equals a zero.

A student can also receive a "U" in work habits based on the missing assignments total. A total of more than 20% will result in a "U" in work habits. A total of 35% or more will result in a "U" in work habits and an automatic "F" for the class no matter what the grade is in the gradebook.