Mrs. Dowling's Grading Policy

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Academic Grading

English 11 and Creative Writing

Weighted Grades


  • Classwork or Homework Worksheets-1X
  • On-Line Class Reading Discussions-1X
  • On-Line Reader's Log or Research Journals-2X
  • Quizzes-2X
  • Tests-3X
  • Compositions, Papers, and Projects-3X
  • Creative Writing

  • Mentoring and/or Editing-1X
  • Workshop Assignments-1X
  • Required Topic Assignments-1X
  • Writing Workshops-1X
  • Journal Reads-2X
  • Reading Responses
  • Literary Magazine Assignments and Submissions-2X
  • Quarterly Webfolios-3X
  • Book Club Bingos-3X
Work turned in late will receive a LATE grade with 10 points deducted for each day late. A maximum penalty will result in a 50-LATE grade

SEE a LIST of the grading symbols

65% Rule: If a student fails to turn in at least 65% of the work assigned, it will result in an automatic failure.

Grading Scale

B+=87-89 B=80-85
C+=77-79 C=70-79
D+=66-69 D=60-69
F=below 60