Mrs. Dowling's Philosophy of Teaching

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Mrs. Dowling's Teaching Philosophy

There are many qualities that make a teacher effective. These qualities can only be cultivated when the teacher has a true desire to teach, a real passion for learning and knowing the subject content, the ability to develop learning strategies to convey that knowledge, and the desire to work daily with students.

I believe it is important that the effective teacher understand the material being taught. In order to do this, a teacher must always be learning and growing by attending workshops, conferences, and classes. Knowing the material to be taught enables the teacher to stay current and to make good decisions about how to teach that material.

I believe that the teacher has a responsibility to help the students become accountable for their own learning. In order to assist students to learn and discover, teachers need to act as facilitators in this learning process. Students learn in a variety of ways, and the teacher should strive to vary the methods in which the students learn. Teachers can help students learn through a mixture of group activities, individual work, class lectures, hands-on activities, demonstrations, and portfolio assignments. Learning should be an interactive and exciting experience.

Technology is important in the classroom since it is a vehicle for instruction and can be an invaluable tool for addressing different learning styles. It allows students to become more involved in the processes of learning rather than focusing on the product that they produce. I believe that students should gain experience with rapidly evolving technology, but I also believe that technology must be used as a means of accomplishing more. It should allow for better and improved learning and teaching and should not be used as an end unto itself. Technology should be used as a tool for communications between the teacher, student, and parents. The use of the Internet should assist the teacher in providing access to knowledge, creating more individualized teaching time, and using classroom time more productively.

I believe that the classroom environment should be such so that every student feels comfortable and safe. It is important to foster these feelings if the students are to flourish and extend outside their comfort zone. Being able to take risks without fear of ridicule is extremely important to the success of a classroom. I believe that every student, in the right environment, can succeed to the best of his or her abilities.

Teachers should know their students and help them along their way in the tumultuous years of school. When teachers know the students, they are better able to tap into their personal experiences and connect them to the subject matter. By making these connections, students can make new discoveries and take with them a new insight.

Laughter and compassion are two necessities every teacher should have in great supply. I believe that teachers should be good role models and show students that learning doesn't just happen in the hours that they spend in class. Students need to develop a sense of excitement about learning that will last them a lifetime.

I believe that writing and reading are two of the most important skills that a student can develop. Being an effective writer can allow a student to develop his or her ideas to their fullest potential and can allow him or her to communicate those ideas to others. Writing skills developed early can enable the student to be successful for the rest of his or her learning career and can also help him or her later in a professional career. Reading can enable students to see beyond their own existence into new possibilities and ideas to better understand the world in which they live.

I believe that a teacher alone cannot successfully educate a child. It takes the combined efforts of the teacher, the parents, the community, and the student all pulling together for the common good. Not only will this benefit the students, but everyone can emerge triumphantly by this forging of mutual goals, understanding, and respect.