Mrs. Dowling's Letter to Students

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Dear Students,

I hope that you are as excited about all the possibilities that this year will bring as I am! We have so much to learn and discover, and it all starts with you!

I expect you to be in class as much as possible. Attendance can make or break your grade. While you are in class, I expect you to be cooperative, attentive and friendly to all. We certainly can't be learning anything worthwhile if problems develop!

I expect you to be ready to learn everyday! It's easy in those first few weeks of school...everything is new and exciting. The real trick is to keep the excitement going after the thrill of the newness has gone away. It won't be easy; even teachers are prone to slide every now and then, but it will be worth the effort you put into making every day your best. I expect nothing less than your best!

I expect you to ask for help when you need it. You know best if you are unsure about something. I'll be thrilled to do a "working lunch" with anyone who needs a few minutes of individual time.

What can you expect from me? For starters, you can expect me to care about you. I do! I love teaching. This is where I want to be, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

You can expect me to be keep a well organized classroom. I believe we work best if the environment is neat, clean and pleasant.

You can expect me to be clear about the requirements of the course. No one in my class will be caught saying, "I don't understand what I need to do!" If, by chance you really don't get it, remember, ask!

You can expect to know what your grades are at all times. I will e-mail them to you once a week. No surprises. You can expect to have access to your assignments over the internet, so when you are sick, you will still be able to keep up.

You can expect me to communicate with your parents on a weekly basis. I will let them know how you are doing both in your academics and with your behavior.

You can expect to walk away from this class at the end of the year with a better understanding of the course material and a good feeling about yourself for a job well done!

Together, along with your parents, I hope that we can make this a banner year for you!

Mrs. Dowling