Mrs. Dowling's Student Work Policy

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All work turned in must be neat and properly headed--Name and Date, or it will be either returned to you to do over or graded down. Please type assignments if you have access to a computer.

Late work will be accepted for some credit up to a week. The grade will change from an "NHI" to a "LATE" if work is turned in after the due date. ten points will be taken off for each day up to a week. After that, the work gets no credit. Notes from home explaining special circumstances will be considered. Late work is accepted for credit for any student who was absent from class. Just don't wait too long.

Each weekend, I will complete all grading for the week. If you are missing any assignments, your parents will be sent an e-mail listing those missing assignments, or I will give you a paper listing those missing assignments. These are sent out on Tuesdays.

Ways to Get Your Homework to Me

  • Bring your work in to school.
  • E-Mail it to me. My e-mail address is on the syllabus.
  • Turn in your work electronically from home on School Fusion.
  • Use the Dowling Central Forum for discussions when assigned. You can put work into your working folder on the forum.

Routine Assignments

Routine assignments are simply those that you can expect to do or turn in on a regular basis. Some are done in class--others at home.

English 11 Class

Dailies are done at the beginning of each class. You will turn them all in at the end of the week.

You can expect new vocabulary words and an evaluation every other week. Sometimes these will be canceled due to other projects. We also go on Vocabulary Vacation at intervals.

Creative Writing Classes

Creative Writing is a deadline driven class. You will do well in this class if you keep up with the deadlines and requirements.

Required journal assignments, Lit Mag submissions, Webfolios, Book Bingos and Writing Workshops are due on-line by Sunday midnight the week that they are due. Sometimes deadlines will be lengthened if unforeseen issues have developed during the week.

Student Journals are collections of informal writing assignments. We will work on a short writing assignment periodically. These prompts will be varied in content. Other times, we will be writing for specific Composition or Grammar Skills.

Every so often, one of the entries will be selected and refined. These selections will be called Required Journal Assignments. The topic may be chosen from the topics that were completed during those two-three week timeframes. These required journal entries will be graded more closely according to the Specific Skills Check List. These required journal assignments will be posted in the working folder on the Internet.

Journal Reads-Students are required to read journal pieces to the class once a term. They are expected to sign up for a date on the School Fusion web page.

Class work will usually be due the same day in class, but sometimes it might be necessary to finish it at home because of unforeseen events.

Literary Magazine Submissions-Two are due each term for submission to the literary magazine during the first, second, and third term. The student may choose the type of writings to submit. These writings can be something from the class assigned writings or something that was produced independently.

Webfolios are collections of selected assignments done throughout a grading period. They will include a determined number of writings along with reflections on the assignments and evaluations from others to include peers and parents. These webfolios will be due at the end of each term except for Term One and will build on itself throughout the year.

Book Bingo is a reading project that will be due once at the end of each term. The students will choose their own novels for reading independently. The activities are done independently, as well, except for the end of term group activity. At the end of the term, there will be a selection activity and a written prspective. Students may choose to work through a book together.

Writing Workshops are specific skills learning that is done in class. We will listen and discuss a specific writing technique and then practice it in class. Any work required to be turned in will be due Friday midnight the week we complete a workshop.